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[/cmsms_text][cmsms_heading type=”h3″ font_weight=”400″ font_style=”normal” text_align=”center” color=”#ffffff|100″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″ animation_delay=”0″]ADOPT OR FOSTER A RESCUED ANIMAL[/cmsms_heading][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″]

Adopting is a great way to give a dog or cat a second chance by providing a loving fur-ever home. All of the animals in our center are healthy, happy and ready to join your family. They are vaccinated, microchipped and, if old enough, neutered.

If you would like to care for an animal but you’re not in a position to adopt one, then fostering is ideal for you! By opening your home to foster an animal, you will make space at our center for other animals that require critical care. Some animals need a foster home for just a few weeks; some are looking for a more permanent solution.

So that we can find the perfect animal for you, please complete this questionnaire and our adoption manager will organize a meeting with you. 

We often have more animals available than what is listed on our website, so don’t worry if you don’t immediately find a match here. When you visit our adoption center, our staff will introduce you to the animals and you will have time to get to know them. We will also discuss the adoption requirements and any questions you may have.

You can also visit some of our rescue cats at our valued partner Ministry of Cat at Russian Market.
Fall in love with the kitties at the MoC while sipping a coffee or having a snack and adopt your furry new best friend!

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In order to start the adoption/foster process, please email us to or call our Adoption Coordinator via 011761722 (English) or our office via 012340114 (English and Khmer) to make an appointment with our Adoption Coordinator and meet our current rescue animals. You may also visit the animals without an appointment, daily between 10am – 12pm, and 2pm – 4pm.

In order to adopt/foster, you are required to have a meeting with our Adoption Coordinator. Such meetings are scheduled on appointment basis only (not walk-ins) and should therefore be pre-arranged.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Are there any adoption/foster requirements?”]

Adoptions: We are looking for forever homes for each rescued animal. We understand that some of you may be in Cambodia short-term, and in this case you will need to be confident that you can take the animal with you when you leave. Please research relocation procedures and costs prior to committing to an adoption.

Fostering: For those who cannot commit to providing a forever home, we offer a foster program. Here, we are seeking short- and long-term care-takers, who can provide temporary homes. Depending on the animal, this may range from a few months up to years.

Many of our rescues have had traumatic experiences and slowly learned to (re)trust humans. Please do not break this trust by abandoning them! Such animals are only available for adoption and are not included in our foster program.

We encourage you to choose an animal by their personality, rather than their colour, age, breed and so forth. You are choosing a companion, not an accessory.

We want the best for our animals and, if deemed necessary, we may reject an adoption or foster application.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Are pets for adoption/fostering healthy?”]

Yes! Generally all animals available for adoption are healthy, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Those that are too young to be neutered, will be neutered free of charge once old enough.

We will pass on all the information we have about our rescues, including a behavioural assessment. If there are any permanent health issues, we will inform you prior to adoption. If you fall in love with an animal that is still in recovery, we can notify you when it has completed its treatments and is ready to go home with you.

Animals that are part of our foster program, may not have completed their treatments yet. Our experienced veterinarian will decide whether the animal is well enough to be in foster care, during ongoing treatments. In such case, the foster care-taker is required to continue treatments and visit ARC for regular health check-ups of the animal.

Please note: To ensure kittens and puppies receive the best care after they are born, we only allow adoption once they are 3 months old or older. Young animals up to 1 year of age are available for adoption, but are not part of our foster program.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”How much does it cost?”]

Nothing! Our adoption service is free of charge.

Yet, please keep in mind that we spend between $100-$220 to rescue and rehabilitate each animal, including medical care, food, vaccinations, neutering, and more.

To provide perspective, when purchasing an animal at a pet shop, you will spend $300 – $1000 for the animal. Furthermore, you would spend the following costs:

Neutering: $80-250
Vaccination: $50-60
Microchip: $40
Initial health check: $15-25
Parasite treatment: $10-20

Total cost of purchasing a pet: $495-1395.

Therefore, we encourage and greatly appreciate donations from those who adopt. You can ‘pay it forward’ to enable another animal to recover and find a new home. Click here to make a donation.

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